About Us

VoiceTrove is one of the fastest growing company offering cost-effective and best quality wholesale VoIP termination tailored for emerging and established carriers. The foundation of our success is our vision to be client-oriented company bringing our experience and knowledge to help your business succeed.We give services to small and medium sized companies like ISP's, carriers and other telecommunication service providers. Our strategy is to establish strong global strategic relationships with leading telecommunications operators and carriers to ensure we're able to offer the best possible pricing and quality for the voice traffic market.

VoiceTrove with years of proven experience in the telecom industry, helps you redefine your markets with innovative telecom technology solutions to add wealth of business opportunities and delighted communication experience. We offer wholesale and retail voice termination all over the world with main focus in Asia and Africa. VoiceTrove is expanding through horizontal integration in the field of ITFS, SMS and other value added services of the telecom industry. Eventually we aim to become one of the largest telecom services provider with the widest range of offerings across the globe.